For California startups and small businesses, employees present one of the greatest liability risks for the business. Though at-will employment relationships are near-universal in practice, the myriad statutes and court rulings affording employees the right to sue have in practice rendered this area a minefield even for careful employers. This pertains to terminating employees as well as trying to comply with state and federal employment regulations affecting the employment area. Employers must thus consider complex legal issues to maximize their protection. Having advised California employers for nearly three decades in the environment of Silicon Valley, our attorneys can help you significantly limit your employment liabilities whether you are in crisis or creating employment policy.

Our lawyers provide employment law counsel and representation for startups and other businesses. We have assisted many of our clients in the following areas:

  • Employment agreements, non-solicitation and non-competition issues
  • Incentive stock and bonus packages
  • Executive employment compensation and issues
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • Invention assignment agreements
  • Issues pertaining to moonlighting employees, trade secrets, and conflicts
  • Employee exemption analysis
  • Wage and hour disputes and other matters before the Labor Commission
  • Audit disputes over whether service providers are employees or independent contractors
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Employee handbook and policy issues
  • Defense of employee claims and employment litigation

Our attorneys represent and advise businesses concerning both the incentive and the risk side of hiring and employment.

We advise on the full range of employment issues, such as hiring, firing, workplace issues, personnel policies, and separation agreements.

We also assist businesses and executives with employment disputes and litigation centered in and around Silicon Valley.