About Us

We are a full-service boutique law firm. We bring a sophisticated, yet practical approach to representing our clients. Our specialty practice areas include corporate, intellectual property (including patents), litigation, tax, employment, and business immigration.

At the core of our firm is our startup company and emerging technology venture practice. We are a founder-focused law firm. Unlike many other firms, we do not rely on repeat business from VCs. In fact, we do not represent venture capital firms at all. Therefore, we can provide founder-focused representation without worrying about conflicting loyalities to potential investor clients.

Our attorneys offer specialized expertise for tech startups, including venture capital and angel funding, intellectual property protection and licensing, trademarks, patents, commercial contracts, M&A, company formation, founder arrangements, employee incentives, and the strategic and tax guidance integral to startup issues.

But we are more than just a startup firm. We have a depth of experience providing a full scope of legal services to a wide-range of small, middle market, and more mature businesses. We also represent shareholders, partners, directors, officers, key employees, contractors and a broad range of other individuals who are traditionally represented by business or corporate lawyers.

Our complex litigation practice spans the areas of general commercial litigation, intellectual property litigation, securities litigation, cross-border disputes, employment litigation, and international and domestic arbitration.

Our attorneys have worked at the world’s most prestigious law firms and are graduates of the country’s top law schools. But our clients are savvy enough to realize that they can get high-quality legal representation without paying for the large law firm bureaucracy.

We value long-term relationships with entrepreneurs, founders, and business owners. We believe that integrity, loyalty, and excellence sustain such relationships. We do our best to uphold these standards for our clients, and we seek clients who value and seek to do the same.