What type of clients does a business or corporate lawyer represent?

Having worked with small business owners, business startup companies, and entrepreneurs for over 25 years, our attorneys often have been asked what exactly it is that we do when we act as “business lawyers” or as “corporate attorneys.”

A business lawyer or business attorney refers to a lawyer who represents business entities or who represents individuals who act in a business capacity.  Thus, a business lawyer or business attorney will represent corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), general partnerships, limited partnerships, sole proprietorships, joint ventures, and the like, as well as founder groups, owners, proprietors, partners, directors, officers, managers shareholders, and entrepreneurs.

In addition to the above, as business lawyers, our attorneys also represent other individuals in their dealings with business entities. This includes individual founders, executives, and investors who are negotiating with their companies, minority shareholders seeking to protect their shareholder rights, contractors, consultants, advisory directors, employees, and the like.

When we act as corporate lawyers or corporate attorneys, we represent many types of corporate entities – California and Delaware, C-corps, S-corps, statutory close corporations, and the like. In such a role, a corporate attorney is simply a business lawyer serving the needs of a particular type of business entity. Because corporate transactions often involve federal and state securities laws more so than do those of other business entities, a business lawyer handling corporate matters may be practicing in a more specialized area than is an attorney handling transactions relating to other business entities. Our attorneys act both as business lawyers and corporate attorneys in the various business transactions we handle.

Though not commonly used this way, we also regard a business lawyer or corporate attorney as a lawyer who represents business and corporate entities in commercial litigation. For the owner or entrepreneur needing business litigation assistance, it is a great advantage to be able to get assistance and strategic advice from an informed and experienced California attorney who is well-versed in both transactional and litigation matters.