Taxes are an unfortunate business reality—even, at times, before your business is profitable. While we can never make taxes entirely go away, we can help to minimize the tax you may owe and avoid surprises along the way. Our tax counsel brings several decades of tax planning for emerging ventures of all sizes and can help you navigate the tension between your tax and business objectives.

Specific areas of tax assistance that we regularly provide include:

  • Early-stage business planning, including developing a blueprint for future global operations and structuring for exit
  • International tax planning
  • Transfer pricing planning
  • Pre-acquisition planning
  • M&A support
  • R&D credit opportunities
  • Partnership/LLC structuring
  • Equity compensation
  • Individual tax planning

Please note that tax covers a wide spectrum of very specific issues—too many to exhaustively list. If you require assistance with something not listed above, please inquire and we will identify the right expertise for your legal team.