Will you meet with me on a Saturday, etc. or at my office or business?

Within reason, yes.

Notwithstanding the stereotype of a business lawyer as one just sits back in his desk chair counting his money, a good business lawyer is of necessity a very hard worker. The technical aspects of business law are very demanding and it takes habits of hard work and diligence to master them.

It is no different for founders, entrepreneurs, and other business owners.

Sometimes it is not possible for you to break away from your business easily during normal working hours. This is especially true for a founder who is currently employed while contemplating a break from an existing business or of a founding team that may have one or more members in such a position. Our attorneys understand this and are prepared to meet with you during off-hours, on weekends, or at your business as the situation may reasonably require.

Besides being hard-working, a business lawyer (or a corporate lawyer or intellectual property lawyer for that matter) cannot serve business clients well without being responsive – that is, making himself available and accessible in reasonable ways so that the client can get answers to questions, etc. in a timely way and also getting the client’s projects done on time.

For this reason too, our attorneys seek to make themselves reasonably available in ways that make it convenient for you to interact with them and that enable you to get project work on time, whether this means off-hours meetings or late-night projects as needed to meet client deadlines.