Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Grellas Shah represents technology companies in the broad range of commercial disputes that can lead to litigation, including breaches of contract, unfair competition, and tortious interference with prospective economic advantage.

Representative Engagements:

  • Represented a leading email management and information governance company in arbitration against a former customer for breach of contract for failure to pay required amounts under a master service license agreement.
  • Represented an IT workplace consulting services company in a lawsuit against a competitor for breach of contract, interference with prospective economic advantage and unfair competition. Case resolved with a very favorable cash settlement on behalf of the client on the eve of trial.

Your business or idea, no matter what that is, will benefit from having a business relationship with a commercial litigation attorney.  Commercial litigation attorneys will work hand in hand with your business covering a variety of disputes. The most common commercial litigation cases involve but are not limited to:

  • Partnerships & Shareholders: Including buy-sell agreements, planning, violations of corporate regulations, compensation, and management deadlocks.
  • Licensing: These can be related to regulatory licensing, standardized testing, falsification of degrees necessary to obtain licensing or certification as well as denial, suspension, and revoking a license.
  • Construction & Real Estate: Disputes can consist of items related to property defects, contract disputes, failure to disclose, negligence, insurance, premises liability, and more.
  • Product liability claims: Including consumer goods, machinery, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, technology, and more.
  • Breach of contracts: Including errors, coercion, fraud, drafting, and review, acceptance, and more.
  • Intellectual Property disputes: including trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and more.
  • Employment disputes: Including discrimination, harassment, wages, whistleblower protections, workplace safety, and even pensions.

Having a conversation with a Commercial Litigation Law Firm can guide you in the right direction of appropriate counsel. To ensure you are in the right hands, it is important to know what duties should be performed by your attorney. Ask questions and make sure that you get answers that you understand.

Some of the most common duties performed by a commercial litigation attorney are:

  • Initial case evaluations
  • Drafting Motions
  • Creating a response to the original complaint
  • Aide in obtaining and exchanging information during the discovery
  • Gathering and facilitating the preparation of documentation
  • Strategizing with the client the best method of approach to the case
  • Presenting the case
  • Negotiations to work towards settlements
  • Case appeals

While our commercial litigation attorneys are ready to aggressively defend your case in court, we always attempt to resolve the case through the process of negotiation to attain a settlement. By doing this we can attempt to limit the potential legal and other costs associated with ongoing litigation disputes. This often is favored by our clients. While legal disputes can be part of owning a business, it should be something you can trust to be resolved in the most practical way.

Keep in mind, commercial litigation encompasses any type of litigation that hits at the core of your business strategy and its implementation. Whether you occupy a retail space or interact with the public by providing a product or service, run a small business or startup with other partners, you are at risk for potential commercial disputes. Therefore, it is critical to have access to a commercial litigation attorney that is knowledgeable in all areas of commercial liability, while also having experience in your industry or niche. Having a team that is up to par with what you do, can help to eliminate vulnerabilities in your business before there is a problem.