Complex Business Litigation

Our litigators have represented the full spectrum of clients from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies, from entrepreneurs to investors, in a range of complex commercial, tech/IP, and securities business litigation matters.  Though unlike our peer litigation practices, we do not have “big” and “small” clients or “big” and “small” matters.  Because we bring to every client and every matter the same expertise, strategic vision, and drive to win.

But “winning” isn’t about another notch on our belts.  To us, “winning” is purely about achieving our clients goals – efficiently and aggressively, but with integrity. We are business litigators, which means we learn and understand a client’s business and sync litigation strategy to meet the client’s business objectives.  Because our client’s objectives are not just an important thing – they are the only thing.

Our team was trained at top law schools and nationally-recognized law firms.  But we are able to provide service to all of our clients in a way that the large law firms can’t.  We are regularly asked to step in to take over the representation of clients who were formerly represented by the big firm players.  And what we see are high bills and little to show for it.  Why?  Because being big means staffing big.  But throwing bodies at a case is not a strategy.

We are able to bring a focused and tailored strategy to every client and matter.  Unlike our competitors, “success” to our firm does not require us make sure a cadre of inexperienced junior associates are billing you for thousands of hours.  We are built in a way that allows your success to be our success.  That is not something we just say, it is something we ensure our clients feel.  Because when you are faced with the stress and uncertainty of what might be“bet the company” litigation, there is nothing better than knowing that you do not simply have the best team working for you – but they are truly working with you.

Practice areas

Commercial Litigation

Grellas Shah represents technology companies in the broad range of commercial disputes that can lead to litigation, including breaches of contract, unfair competition, and tortious interference…

Intellectual Property Litigation

Grellas Shah’s litigators have consistently achieved favorable outcomes for their clients in IP litigation, including claims brought for misappropriation…

Trade Secret and Employee Mobility Litigation

A tech-driven economy sets up a seeming conflict – businesses cannot survive without vigorously protecting their trade secrets…

Securities Litigation

Grellas Shah’s litigators have represented numerous companies and their officers and directors in shareholder class actions and derivative actions, as well as litigation arising out of mergers and acquisitions.

Founder Disputes

The co-founder relationship is one of excitement and promise, but also stress and high-emotion. It is not unusual for close co-founders to wind up in a dispute after months or years of working…

Commercial and International Arbitration

Grellas Shah has extensive experience representing clients in binding contractual arbitration, both with domestic arbitration before entities such as the American Arbitration Association (AAA)…

Cross-Border Disputes

Grellas Shah’s diverse group of attorneys are positioned to deliver superior results in cross-border disputes, either on behalf of domestic parties or foreign entities.

Employment Litigation

Grellas Shah has experience representing employers in dispute with employees asserting claims for unpaid wages, wrongful termination, wage-and-hour disputes, and claims brought under the Private…

Regulatory Investigations and Enforcement Actions

Grellas Shah regularly represents individuals and companies in inquiries, investigations and enforcement actions brought by state and federal agencies.

Internal Investigations and White Collar Defense

Grellas Shah has a robust white collar defense practice and has extensive experience addressing criminal investigations and prosecutions in the areas of securities and accounting fraud…

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Traditional court litigation is not the only, and often not the best, way to resolve a dispute. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures, either in lieu of or in conjunction with traditional litigations…

Let’s Work Together

Our litigation team has a depth of experience representing clients in the full-range of complex litigation matters, from commercial, tech/IP, securities, employment, and white collar defense to founder disputes and internal and regulatory investigations.