Commercial And Tech Transactions

Commercial And Tech Transactions

Our team advises clients on and negotiates the range of commercial and technology transactions, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, and have negotiated agreements with the range of major players in the tech industry.

Where we distinguish ourselves is that our attorneys know and understand these types of deals, what matters, and what doesn’t.  All too often, a client comes to us from a larger firm having been charged thousands of dollars to put together a commercial agreement, only to have received little more than a template from a junior associate.

While some peer firms tout the number of deals they’ve closed, that’s of limited value when the ambit of their attorneys’ involvement is to let you know what they’ve seen before and what’s “market.”  We don’t just close a lot of deals – we close deals our clients feel good about because we make sure they know what they are signing up for and we creatively find ways to protect our clients’ interests without jeopardizing their underlying business goals.  And given the high-caliber and varied background of our attorneys, we can actually explain the practical impact of deal terms, what the terms say about what happens if things go wrong, and how to structure a deal to mitigate those risks.

Type of Agreements and Transactions

Just as examples of the types of commercial and technology agreements and transactions that we regularly work on are:

  • Terms of Service and Privacy Policies
  • NDAs
  • Enterprise and consumer SaaS agreements
  • Licensing arrangements of all kinds, from the simple to the extremely complex, including software, hardware, and semiconductor
  • OEM license agreements
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Distributor, reseller, and VAR agreements
  • Data Protection Agreements