Cross-Border Disputes

Cross-Border Disputes

Grellas Shah’s diverse group of attorneys are positioned to deliver superior results in cross-border disputes, either on behalf of domestic parties or foreign entities.  Grellas Shah has litigated such disputes in international arbitrations, in domestic courts, and in foreign jurisdictions in partnership with foreign counsel.  Grellas Shah represents parties in cross-border disputes both in courts and in international arbitration.

Cross-border disputes often require expertise in jurisdictional issues and a knowledge of treaties and their use in litigation and in the enforcement of judgments.  Cross-border disputes can also require a nuanced understanding of how to obtain documents and testimony in foreign jurisdiction, which can sometimes require an intersection of treaties, foreign laws and local practice.  Grellas Shah also has numerous connections with foreign law firms, giving it a truly global reach.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Grellas Shah’s attorneys also have extensive experience in conducting Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in other countries, including investigations conducted in China, the U.K., and India.

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