Trademarks and Patents

Trademarks and Patents

Patent Counseling, Filing, and Protection

For technology-based startups, patents can be critical to maximizing the value of intellectual property and enhancing a business’s competitive position.  We have the in-house expertise to help our clients achieve these goals by counseling startups on their patent strategy and filing and prosecuting their patents.  And working together with our litigation team, we can go the extra step to both ensure a client’s patent rights are protected and to defend against frivolous third-party patent claims.


Trademark protection is fundamental to our clients’ ability to protect their brands and standout in the marketplace.  Our firm has depth of experience counseling clients on trademark issues and filing trademark applications domestically and internationally.

And we do more than simple trademark filings.  We represent clients before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and help navigate trademark disputes.  We counsel clients in protecting their trademarks against infringing uses by competitors and in defending against third-party claims.  And while we strive to resolve disputes without the need for litigation, when necessary or appropriate, we have significant experience litigating trademark, cybersquatting, false advertising, and unfair competitions cases in both state and federal courts.