Venture Financing

Venture Financing

Company Side Representation

Our attorneys have a depth of experience in representing companies in venture, angel, and strategic investment rounds.

We know that fundraising is one of the most important and consequential milestones in the lifecycle of a startup venture.  And we treat every client and every investment round with the importance it deserves.

We aren’t an assembly line cranking out deals in order to tout our “deal flow.”  We represent and advise clients.  Every client is unique, with their own needs and circumstances.

We have the experience to know and advise you of what’s “market.”  But that doesn’t mean we’re a slave to it.  Unlike other firms, we have no vested interested in hewing to any industry expectations.  And because our business model does not rely keeping anyone buy our clients happy, we can and do fight harder for our clients.

Our only interest is in helping our clients close deals that help them grow their businesses.  And, where appropriate, we have the expertise to provide creative and out-of-the-box solutions.  We don’t just tell you “that’s not done” – we try to figure out “what can we do?”

There’s a reason that clients who have engaged big firm players come to us to double check their attorneys’ deal work advice.  It’s because when it truly matters, people know us to be the attorneys and advisors they can really trust.

Investor Representation

While our firm’s roots are in representing startups and founders, a number of our successful clients have formed their own funds and are contributing to the startup ecosystem as investors.  And by popular demand, we have formed a budding investor-side practice

We bring the same expertise, devotion, creativity, and business sense to our investor clients, as we do to our startups.  Rather than narrowly focusing on minutiae, we rely on our experience to quickly spot any red flags and determine what really matters.

And when we are representing investors, we always take a long view.  A lead at Series Seed may be a relatively minor investor come Series B.  Just as we are willing to go to bat for our startup clients, where other firms have a vested interest in staying within what’s “market,” we aren’t afraid to propose out-of-the-box solutions to protect our investor clients.  You will never have to worry about tempered advice from us because we are thinking about how another (maybe larger) investor client may perceive us.