Choosing a Business Lawyer

Choosing a Business Lawyer

The practice of business law can seem like a black art: as a client, you will want to enjoy the magic without getting boiled in the cauldron. What do you look for in a good business lawyer?

Fitness and aptness are key. Both are essential: A good business lawyer will be skilled and apt to meets your needs.

A fit lawyer is smart, diligent, experienced, credible, reliable, attentive to detail, tough, fair-minded, and discerning. Equally critical are a consistent ability to think and communicate clearly (and strategically), write well, and act with integrity, politeness, and professionalism.

An apt lawyer is open and direct with you, knows your strategic goals, gives value for cost, inspires confidence, and handles the range of things that affect your business.

In examining fitness, look at a lawyer’s background, academics, career history, communication and writing skills, and types of clients represented and matters handled.

In examining aptness, note how a lawyer works with you: are you getting value or overkill? is the lawyer nimble in dealing with early-stage start-ups? is he practical and direct? All of this matters; a lot. You will wince if there is a mismatch.

The final intangible is a strong bond of trust. If you don’t like and trust your lawyer, forget it. There are enough challenges in building a business. Wondering whose side your lawyer is on should not be one of them.

As long-time Silicon Valley business startup lawyers, our attorneys seek to gain your trust and confidence through quality work and a reputation for integrity in our client dealings.

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