Founder Disputes

Founder Disputes

The co-founder relationship is one of excitement and promise, but also stress and high-emotion.  It is not unusual for close co-founders to wind up in a dispute after months or years of working closely together.

Between our corporate and litigation practices, Grellas Shah attorneys have represented countless startups and founders.  And, thus, we have seen more than our fair share of founder disputes.

Our comprehensive experience in all aspects of startup representation and counseling means we have seen all the various ways founder disputes arise, the options to solve them, and how any resolution could be structured so as to preserve the value of the startup.


For startups and startup founders looking for streamlined and cost-effective alternatives to traditional litigation, we are proud to have launched Solvd4.  Through Solvd4, Grellas Shah attorneys provide practical, business-minded, and efficient mediation, arbitration, and neutral evaluation services for startups and founders.  While Solvd4 is still in beta, please reach out to us if you are interested in learning more.