General Corporate Services

General Corporate

We have a depth of knowledge and experience providing tailored corporate law and transactional advice at every stage of the lifecycle of a company, from initial structuring, to corporate governance, recapitalization, and restructuring.  And we do so in a practical, business-minded, and cost-efficient manner.

The great irony of the legal industry is that countless startups are steered towards wasting many thousands of dollars by engaging the large-firm players and almost always end up with generic advice and off-the-shelf template solutions.  This type of advice is more often than not geared towards what the same firms’ big-money VC clients want, not tailored towards what the founders may want.  Pro-tip – if you want a 10 million share model Delaware C corp, you don’t need to spend that much money.

Tailored Corporate Law

When we counsel clients on initial structuring, we take pride in ensuring they know the options available, the pros and cons, and what makes sense based on the company’s goals.  That might mean something simple or it might mean something more sophisticated.  (You would be surprised how common it is for our peer firms to tell their startup clients that a simple 1-pager Certificate of Incorporation is enough to protect the founders’ rights, but advise their investor clients that, before investing, the same document should be larded up with 20+ pages of investor protections.)

We also support our clients in maintaining proper corporate governance, practically and efficiently, to protect our clients from liability and make due diligence a more seamless process.

Our expertise goes beyond the simple template Delaware C corps (though we can certainly do that when it fits a client’s needs).  We structure and work with other types of entities, such as LLCs and partnerships.  And we advise clients on various corporate transactions, including setting up more complicated corporate structures, recapitalizations, and restructurings.